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Hi!  I’m Steve.  Thank you immensely for buying our brand new 4ty album, MECHANICAL EPIPHANY!   It’s only because of awesome fans like you, that I can continue to create, and help my wife raise our beautiful autistic daughter, Alexa (b. 2013).

And so to help express how truly grateful I am for your support, I’m going to offer you an incredible 8-album, FAN-ONLY-BOX-SET for just $31.97… nearly 1/3 off the regular price!    Here’s what you’ll get:

1) MECHANICAL EPIPHANY – our brand new 4th album, and the second part of ‘The Voyage’ trilogy!

2) PALEOFIDELITY (Remedy’s 1st album)(11 songs)

3) THE TYRANNY OF THE SMUG (Remedy’s 2nd album)(16 songs)

4) EXITING SHADOWS (Remedy’s 3rd album)(15 songs)

5) GIMME SOME (by Sweet Tooth….Harley/Bond’s prequel album)(14 songs)

6) OUT OF THE EMPTINESS (Harley/Bond and legendary fingerstyle guitarist, Andrew White)(11 songs)

7) WE’VE MADE IT TO PLUTO (by Streel…Harley/Bond/Peer – EDM EP)(6 songs)

8) HARLEY’S PRIVATE CUPBOARD (14-home demos, all previously unheard)(14 songs)

That’s 97 songs total!   That’s almost enough material for 10 full albums, but condensed to 8!  And the last one on that list is not obtainable (or even previewable) anywhere else, other than through this one-time offer.

Many amazing guests musicians lent their talents to the making of these records and I’m confident you’ll be pleased with the results . . .  In fact, I GUARANTEE it!  If you don’t like at least one song on each of these albums above, tell me so within the first 30 days, and I’ll give you a full-refund…bim, bam, done!

But this is a one-time only, “now or never” offer –  This discount/guarantee will apply only in conjuction with your current purchase, by clicking the ORDER NOW button below.     After that, the offer immediately expires, and will never be available again!

Just click “ORDER NOW” below, and links to all the material will be delivered to your inbox in just a few moments!


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