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Hi!  I’m Steve.  Thank you immensely for buying our brand-new 4th album, MECHANICAL EPIPHANY!   It’s only because of awesome fans like you, that I can continue to create, and help my wife raise our beautiful autistic daughter, Alexa (born 2013).

And so to help express how truly grateful of your support I am, I’m going to offer you an additional album, at half the price!  And not just any album . . . our 16-track epic, “THE TYRANNY OF THE SMUG”, for just $6 more.   Only through this offer, will this abundant collection of our most polished songs, be made available at half-off!  Many amazing guests musicians lent their talents to the making of this record, and I’m confident you will not be disappointed!

In fact, I GUARANTEE it!  If you don’t like at least one song on the album, tell me so within the first 30 days, and I’ll give you a refund…bim, bam, done!

But this is a one-time only, “now or never” offer –  This discount/guarantee will apply only in conjuction with your current purchase, by clicking the ORDER NOW button below.     After that, it immediately reverts to it’s regular $12 price.

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