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Remedy’s 4th album – MECHANICAL EPIPHANY -(Part 2 of “The Voyage”) is nearly here!  And the lead single has now arrived!  Hear their most compelling music to date, and why they’ve ranked #1 in the world 4 weeks and counting (numberonemusic.com)!

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-ReverbNation reviews

Hello!  I’m Steve Harley… REMEDY’s singer and recovering physician.   Our 4th album,  MECHANICAL EPIPHANY,  is nearly here!   To help promote it, we’re giving away one of the fastest and catchiest songs on the album… “Do You Love Me (Like You Used to DO)?”…. starting right now, for FREE!

This song considers the plight of those who may wonder if they’ve lost their partner’s affection, after realizing that they’ve been abandoned at the airport.

Beyond pure escape, REMEDY can also forge potent and authentic connections.  Contageous melodies, unique harmonies, and thoughtful, stimulating lyrics are filtered through a funky blend of chill, bottled-aggression, and sass that winds it’s way inward to your core….that’s the style we dig!  And the folks who also dig this style form a virtual congregation: THE REMEDROME.  And by getting your FREE SINGLE, you too can join this community, with special access and rewards!

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And if you’d like what you hear, the full 10-song album drops Nov 26 (digitally, with a physical release by Christmas).

Have an awesome day!  And ENJOY your time with us….. in the REMEDROME!