Plug-in, spark-up and chill-out to “some of the most compelling hooks and lyrics in alt-rock today”?  Be inspired!


Listen to what others are saying about REMEDY!

“Spectacular”!  “Mind Blowing!  Beyond Great!”

“The originality and raw flare is impressive and should be recognized.  One of the most unique songs I’ve ever heard”

“The lyrics touched my heart”

“I could relate a lot to what the singer was saying”

-ReverbNation reviews

Remedy is celebrating the anniversary of their 1st Coast-to-Coast radio hit (“Up from the Bottom”) by giving away a Limited-Time-Only FAN-EXCLUSIVE ALBUM, “NINE of THREE”… a cross-section their catalog, with 3 songs from each of their 3 studio albums.  That’s a FULL LENGTH ALBUM, absolutely FREE!

Beyond pure escape, REMEDY also forges potent, authentic connections.   Lead by Steve Harley (a one-time family doctor addicted to self-prescribed narcotics, now 9 years into successful recovery), Remedy crafts contageous melodies, interesting harmonies, and thoughtful, stimulating lyrics …  all filtered through a funky blend of bottled-aggression and sass.

This offer will soon evaporate!  So grab your album!  You’ve got nothing to lose, after all.  It IS free! 🙂  And…I think you’ll find….it’s just what the doctored ordered!

Rx: Enjoy!