Remedy’s NEW 4th album, MECHANICAL EPIPHANY, is now available!!

…“Spectacular”! “Mind Blowing! Beyond Great!” “The originality and raw flare is impressive and should be recognized” “One of the most unique songs I’ve ever heard”. – ReverbNation reviews


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Remedy is a Canadian quartet who pioneered a style they call “Alt-Indie-Groove-Funk-Rock”.  Lead by Steve Harley, a one-time family doc who now uses music as his prescription for his old addiction, (to pain meds…now 9 years of full recovery). James Bond, Gil Roy and John Peer, complete the unit….and after so many years of sharing a stage together, their tight delivery and telepathic chemistry form an unimitatable flavor of their sound and style.

Remedy engages at the most fundamental gut-level…..with the rhythm and groove forming the central core. To that, is added unique, thoughtful lyrics, catchy phrases, haunting melodies, and a rich tapestry of tones and harmony.  They are fond of experimentation, with both sounds and arrangements….but never completely discard the familiar, always giving the listener highest priority.

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