Remedy, quartet, named, framed,

Remedy casually standing in the live studio – summer 2019

Who is Remedy?

Remedy is a Canadian quartet from Halifax, Nova Scotia, who pioneered a sound and style they call
“Alt-Indie-Groove-Funk-Rock”. Inspired by RHCP, Zep, Radiohead, Jamariquoi, The Black Keys and The White Stripes, Remedy has forged a sound uniquely and undeniably their own. They’ve had 2 commercial radio-singles go coast-to-coast, performed at the East Coast Music Awards, ApplePolooza and Riverfest, and very recently ranked #1 IN THE WORLD (in their genre) on NumberOneMusic.com.  “My Way Out”, the single from their last album (EXITING SHADOWS -Oct2018), also got heavy rotation on internet radio stations all across the globe!

Steve Harley, the groups singer/guitarist, lost his job as family doctor when his addiction to the pain medication he was secretly prescribing himself, was exposed (Rx indeed!). What began as a way to soften the unbearable pain of separation from his infant son, grow into a dependancy that he secretly fed for 7 years.  But in 2011, he got clean. Now, in his 9th year of full recovery, and with a reinvigorated purpose, Harley fills his days writing, making music and being a dad to his 6-year old autistic daughter, Alexa, who he calls, “the light of my life!”

James Bond, Remedy’s bassist and graphic artist, has been Harley’s accomplice in many bands over the past 25 years.  They co-wrote and co-produced full-length studio albums with Devora, Sweet Tooth, The Rain, Remedy, Streel, and others.  Over that time, they’ve forged a unique musical bond which makes their collaboration often instinctive, effortless and fun.

Gil Roy, drummer and backing vocalist, also has a long history of playing with Bond for many years in the clubs with the perpetually-booked “Full Circle”.  He had a long stint touring with Hal Bruce.  He is the consumate professional, having logged more festivals, TV appearances, gigs and road miles than any of his peers.

John Peer, who recently joined Remedy in an official capacity, has been adding keys to Bond/Harley’s studio tracks since his days with Sweet Tooth.  He had a prior solo career in Vancouver as the EDM artist “BadmRfRosty” and was part of the scene-busting act, “Yeah, whatever!”  Since returning to the East, Peer has contributed significantly to every Bond/Harley studio album of the last 20 years.

The deeply shared history of these 4 players and their years of collaboration, both on stage and in the studio, have cultivated a unique and effortless chemistry – where each player has an instinctive sense of where the others are going, and knows how be in, and react to, that magical moment of inspiration, or spontaneous improv, when it happens, as it so often does.

See some of what the reviewers have said about Remedy’s music (all from anonymous ReverbNation Crowd Reviews):

“Made me instantly tap my toes to the beat. Very easy listening. Also he has quite a lovely voice to listen to.
I also like the lyrics and the intensity in his voice when he sings certain things, you can tell there’s a lot
of emotion put into this song.”

“Right from the beginning I was already bobbing my head. The vocalist is awesome. The guitar is very awesome.
The harmonies.. are awesome! Extremely cool! Overall blew me away. I loved this song and would listen to it on


“Mind Blowing! Beyond Great!”

“His vocals just sounds so dreamy to me. Especially when he hits the high notes. It just makes me smile when he does.  The guitar and the drums remind me a lot of The White Stripes.

“Exciting sound, both chilling and fascinating!”

“One of the most unique songs I’ve ever heard. The groove in this song is so awesome….”

“The originality and raw flare is impressive and should be recognized”

“One of the most unique songs I’ve ever heard.  The groove in this song is so awesome.  The lyrics touched my heart.”

“I could relate a lot to what the singer was saying.”

“Right on!! Love it and keep it up!!!”

“His voice is so smooth….He sounds so sweet and his voice has a nice tenor to it that is very sweet.”

Remedy maintains an engaged social media presence, and loves interacting with all who come their way.
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