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We continue along on our mission to repost here the videos we first debuted on Youtube many months earlier.  Luckily I still find a lot of pleasure in revisiting these songs, no matter how many times I’ve heard them before.  I hope you feel that too!

This song, “Caught”, is the last officially-listed track, on our third full-length studio album, “Exiting Shadows” (Oct1, 2018).   It’s actually a demo recording I made with acid files and a hard-tail Strat.  It was never properly re-recorded with full-drums, or with stringed bass, or with any of the gadgets we love toying with now and again.  It’s untouched, un-overdubbed, and un-altered from it’s original demo format.

There was something compelling (at least for me) in that recording that I wanted to present to the world.  Although it’s 2 albums later, this track borrows very much from the philosophy of “Paleofidelity”.  Keeping the fresh takes….using the “first time” takes in the final finished version.  And that was done here.  The emotional resonance captured during the writing process (and preserved wherever possible), outweighed the improved production that might have been achieved with the detailed surgery of todays production tools, and re-recording everything from scratch.  This tune got the Paleo treatment…..use the writing session project as the backbone, overdub as little as possible, and let the listener experience the magical spontanaiety the same way I did…with unadorned authentic surprize.  It has the power to draw you in….subtley, surrepticiously, and with a slowly growing inevitability…ending up under your skin.  Or so for me…and hopefully so for you. 🙂

To see the lyric video of “Caught”, click HERE!

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